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We discovered our places in this wonderful community individually but we have come together to help promote it!  We come from all walks of life from old grognard to new faces and from the veteran professional to the student just starting out! We offer a safe space that welcomes everyone who shares in the idea that we are all here to share in the Geek Culture experience!

Building Community

We are building a gaming community which will be consisting of several podcast featuring table top RPG's and Geek culture focused talk shows which will also be live and prerecorded Twitch and Youtube videos.  We are always looking for new opportunities to grow and welcome collaborations with our fellow creators!

How We Help

We want to acknowledge shows like Critical Role that have been so successful at shining a light on our fandom and becoming part of that fandom themselves. We probably not even been be attempting this without that inspiration.  Creators like Critical Role and Dice, Camera, Action set a high bar but we believe anyone can have a high quality gaming experience at any level and we want to help folks recognize that whether it is just a home game or trying your own hand at being a content creator what ever you do, do it because it makes you and those around you happy because if you do you help strengthen our entire community! Good luck.

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